Apply to the Housing Rehabilitation Program

Are you a low income homeowner in need of home repairs to your property?

The City of Orlando assists current homeowners with repairs to help reduce safety-related and health-related code violations. 


Step 1.Understand how the program works

There are different levels of assistance based on the eligibility criteria and funding available. 

Assistance Amount Affordability Period
Up to $15,000 Grant
$15,000 to $40,000 10-year lien
More than $40,000 15-year lien

Things to note:

  • A recorded mortgage and note will be placed on the property for up to fifteen (15) years. During this time, the home must remain the primary residence of the owner and city staff will monitor the ownership to verify up-to-date payment of homeowner's insurance, mortgage and property taxes.
  • The program loan will be forgiven if you do not rent, sell or convey ownership of the property during the lien period.
  • The lien will be forgiven and a satisfaction of mortgage will be recorded once the lien period is completed and the homeowner has complied with all requirements.

Step 2.Verify your property is in City of Orlando limits

To qualify, your property must be within city limits. Please check your property address on the top right search bar of the Information Locator website below.

Check Your Address

Step 3.Check your property's eligibility

To receive assistance, the property must be:

  • Within City of Orlando limits
  • An existing single-family home
  • Current in property taxes, home insurance, utilities and mortgage payments
  • Your primary residence

We are unable to offer assistance if:

  • The property is a townhouse, condominium, mobile home or trailer
  • The property is outside of City of Orlando limits (even if within Orange County with an Orlando address)
  • The property has outstanding property tax, home insurance, utilities or mortgage payments due
  • You do not own and occupy the property 

Step 4.Check your income eligibility

Get copies of pay stubs for the members of your household and calculate your total household income.

View Income Eligibility Limits

Step 5.Complete application

Keep in mind: We prioritize applications for:
  • Extremely Low, Very Low, and Low income brackets
  • Households with documented special needs
  • Households in need of emergency repair

Apply for Assistance

Step 6.We will review your application

If you are eligible and funding becomes available, we will notify you about your status. You have thirty (30) days to complete the application entirely and provide all of the required documentation.

Please note:

  • The city assists with financing only and makes no warranty with regard to the work. The city will not be responsible for any errors or deficiencies related to the home repairs.
  • We will inform you in writing if payment assistance for the repairs to the property is denied based on the initial review. You will have thirty (30) days to contest that denial with new documentation.