Request a Loudspeaker Permit

Do you want to use a loudspeaker for a special event? 

The City of Orlando requires permits for outdoor loudspeakers that are used on both private and public property in city limits.


Step 1.Tell us about your request

  • If you need a simple Loudspeaker Permit for a small use, complete this online application. Permits must be requested at least three business days in advance of the event.

Submit Your Request

  • If you need a Loudspeaker Permit as part of a more comprehensive event, use our Special Events Portal to start determining what permits and city services might be required.

Tell Us About Your Event

After you have answered all of the screening questions in the Special Events Portal, click the "Begin Permit Applications" button at the bottom of the summary page. 

Step 2.Make a payment

When prompted, you can pay the $20 permit processing fee online via credit card.

Step 3.We'll review your request

We will review your application and contact you if we need additional information.

Step 4.Receive your permit

When your permit is approved, we will email it to you.