Air Release Valve Improvements

Last updated on June 20, 2023


Beginning Fall 2022, the City's Public Works Department will oversee Air Release Valve (ARV) rehabilitation or replacement. The competitive bid contractor anticipates the project will take one year and three months to complete.

An air release valve is an automatic device that releases trapped air inside a pressurized sanitary sewer force main. These devices are located at the highest point of a pressurized pipe, where air can become trapped. 

Over time, ARVs succumb to wear and tear and occasionally need rehabilitation or replacement. Should an ARV malfunction, there is potential for reduction in efficiency, vibration, noise, water hammering and in extreme cases, infrastructure failure.

There are 24 ARV locations throughout Districts 1, 3, and 5.

District 1: Butler National Drive
District 3: South Lake Orlando Parkway
District 5: Raleigh Street, Carter Street, South McKinley Avenue, South Mission Road, Mercy Drive, Colonial Drive, Silver Star Road.

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There are 24 individual ARV locations. We estimate it will take 15 days to complete each location. At each ARV location, overnight work is necessary for one to two nights.

We anticipate completing the project in its entirety within one year and three months. 

Project hours are 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Overnight work hours will occur between 11 pm, and 4 am for one to two nights only.

Please be advised potential supply chain issues, adverse weather, and utility conflicts can create delays prolonging the project's duration.

The majority of work will occur within the undeveloped public right-of-way. One or two locations will require signal flaggers to help commuters navigate the worksites. A few select locations will require temporary pedestrian sidewalk closures and detours. 

Commuters and pedestrians will want to prepare for potential delays during peak travel times.

  • Solid waste, recycling and yard service will remain on their regular schedule. 
  • We do not anticipate an interruption in sanitary sewer service.
  • We do not anticipate an interruption with Lynx Transportation service.

Potential Supply Chain Issues:

The City's Public Works Department is closely monitoring the global supply chain issue, labor shortages, and price and material increases.

The competitive bid contractor and the City will strive to complete a capital improvement project on time and within budget. However, due to circumstances outside the control of both entities, there may be delays for necessary materials, potential for projects to be completed over budget, and potential delays.

We will continue to work with the community and our stakeholders to address the abovementioned issues and return normalcy to a community.

Potential Adverse Weather:

The contractor and city will monitor the weekly weather forecast. The contractor may elect not to work should rain or adverse weather be in the weather forecast, regardless if rain actually occurs.

Should a weather event occur, the contract may find it necessary to take one or two days to remediate the project area before beginning work again.

Potential Utility Conflicts:

Safety and maintaining continuous utility service are our number one priority. Delays like this are sometimes necessary to maintain our commitment. 

Capital improvement projects are fluid. Our consultant, contractor, and project manager do an excellent job designing, engineering, and constructing projects. However, once the contractor opens the roadway, it is not uncommon to find utilities not mapped, declared, or in conflict with the current design or path of the new utilities. 

The contractor may need to delay working until a solution is readily available to resolve the conflict. 

Q: What if is there an emergency during this project and I need the assistance of first responders?

Public Works will coordinate with Orlando Police Department and Orlando Fire Department prior to project start. Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access.

Q: How many (ARVs) will be rehabilitated or replaced during this project?

There are 24 locations citywide scheduled for rehabilitation or replacement. All work will occur in the City’s public right-of-way. A few locations will have work in the roadway to replace small sections of piping.

Q: How will I know if I live near an (ARV) and if I will notice construction during this project?

Constituents living near an ARV scheduled for rehabilitation or replacement will receive a residential brochure in the mail. Impacted neighborhoods will also receive notification and future communication about the project on the social media platform Nextdoor.

Q: How long will this project take?

We expect the contractor to complete the project citywide in one year and three months. Each individual ARV location may take anywhere 15 days to complete scheduled work. Please know, unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather can create delays or increase the project’s duration.

Q: Will the contractor work on nights or weekends?

Yes. To increase productivity and reduce the direct impact on residents and businesses there will be opportunities for extended project hours and occasional weekend work. Of course, unforeseen circumstances can increase the necessity for weekend and overnight work.

Q: Will my sanitary sewer service be interrupted during this project?

No. We do not plan or anticipate an interruption in sanitary sewer service. Residents and businesses can continue their daily routine as usual.

Q: Are road detours or signal flaggers necessary while the contractor is working?

Yes. In a few select locations, small sections of piping need replacement which will require work in the roadway. Impacted areas will receive advance notification prior to project start. We ask residents to please adhere to posted vehicle and pedestrian detour and traffic signs. Please use caution when navigating project areas as crews and equipment will be present.

Q: Will there be an interruption in solid waste, recycling, mail or other services?

No. Solid waste, recycling, mail and other services will continue as scheduled. Public Works will coordinate with service providers as needed to ensure access to neighborhoods.