Get Help With an Issue Not Covered by Code Enforcement

The City of Orlando offers resources to help with housing and neighborhood issues not covered by Code Enforcement.


Step 1.Make sure your issue isn't covered by Code Enforcement

Code violations include:

  • Construction without a permit
  • Overgrown yard or trash in yard
  • Cars parked in the yard
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Illegal signage
  • Businesses causing a nuisance or operating illegally

Report code violations here:

  Report a Violation of City Code

Step 2.Find the right resources to help with issues not covered by Code Enforcement

Many housing or neighborhood issues are not handled by Code Enforcement, including: 

  • Problem trees on public property
  • Potholes and other street or sidewalk issues
  • Non-violent crimes like drug dealing
  • Animal abuse
  • Disputes between landlords and tenants
  • Mold problems inside your house


Report a problem tree
Report a problem tree on public property.

Report a pothole 
Report a pothole or other street or sidewalk issue.

Report a Crime to OPD
Report crimes like drug dealing in your neighborhood to Orlando Police Department.

Report Animal Issues

Report animal neglect or abuse, or other animal issues, to Orange County Animal Services:


Get help with other housing quality and access issues though community organizations:

Contact Housing and Neighborhood Development Services of Central Florida

Contact Legal Aid

Contact Community Legal Services