Apply for a Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Are you operating a restaurant and would like to offer outdoor seating on the sidewalk?

Business owners who would like to allow customers to dine on the sidewalk outside their restaurant must apply for a Sidewalk Cafe Permit.


Step 1.Understand the requirements

Please review our Sidewalk Cafe Guide for requirements, timelines, fees and everything you need to know about adding outdoor seating space.

View the Guide

Step 2.Fill out an application

Please allow three business days for processing after your form has been submitted.

Complete the Application

Step 3.Submit plans

After the application is processed, the digital applicant will receive an email to upload the required items. The email will contain a link to ProjectDox and a temporary password. Make sure you follow the requirements listed in our guide

Step 4.Check your plan status

At any point in the process, you can check your permit status, plan review completion dates, related permits, etc., via our Permit Lookup tool. 

Look up Permit 

Step 5.Make a payment

After all reviews have been completed and approved, an email with a billing summary and payment instructions will be sent to the digital applicant.

Pay Fees

Step 6.Download your permit and approved items

For your records, the digital applicant may download the permit and approved drawings and documents by logging into ProjectDox and downloading all items from the approved folder.

Download Permit

Step 7.Get an inspection

The city will schedule a visit to inspect the sidewalk cafe for compliance within two weeks. You do not need to schedule the inspection and you do not need to be present for the city’s visit.