Contest a Red Light Camera Violation

Did you receive a red light camera violation and want more information?

The City of Orlando has the ability for you to review photos and video or contest your red light camera violation.

Keep in mind:

  • There are photos and video of violations that you can review online.
  • If you wish to request a hearing, the form must be received within 60 days of your violation.


Step 1.Verify camera is in City of Orlando limits

Make sure your violation is from one of these red light cameras in the city.

Step 2.Gather necessary information

You will need the notice of violation (NOV) number and PIN from the violation. If you do not have it, call Orlando STOPS at 407.246.2060.

You will also need the license plate number of the vehicle with the violation.

Step 3.View photos and video of your violation

You are able to view photos and video online of your violation to better understand why you may have received it.

Look Up Violation Photos and Video

Step 4.Check your eligibility

Use this questionnaire to determine if there is a reason for the issuing officer to review your violation. The following are eligible reasons to contest your violation:

  • Someone else was driving the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle or tag was stolen at the time of the violation.
  • You entered the intersection to allow an emergency vehicle to pass, as part of a funeral procession, or as directed by a police officer.
  • You received a citation for the same violation from a police officer.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle was deceased at the time the violation was issued.

Complete Questionnaire

If one of these scenarios apply to you, download this Affidavit of Defenses form, print and complete it and mail to: 

Orlando STOPS
P.O. Box 4990
Orlando, FL 32802

Step 5.Read Policies and Procedures

Review the policies and procedures for Orlando STOPS.

Step 6.Contest your violation

To contest the violation, download this hearing request form, print and complete it and mail to:

Orlando STOPS
P.O. Box 4990
Orlando, FL 32802

Step 7.Attend your hearing

You will receive a date, time and location for your hearing in about a month from the date of your hearing request. An exception applies to requests received toward the end of the year. Hearings are not held in December.

  • If your violation is dismissed, there is no action required from you.
  • If the violation is not dismissed, you will need to pay the fine by your given due date. If payment is not received by the due date, a registration hold will be placed on all vehicles you own within 10 days.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled hearing date, you are allowed to reschedule one time by completing this form. The form should be mailed and arrive at least 5 days before your original scheduled date.