Orlando plans for a future-ready city

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"In Orlando, our goal is to become America's premier future-ready city." - Buddy Dyer, Mayor

In Orlando, our goal is to become America’s premier Future-Ready City. While we cannot predict exactly what the future holds, having a well-planned, collaborative vision for the future of Orlando is key to advancing opportunities for all and ensures our city is in the best possible position to take advantage of the innovative and technological advances coming our way. 

That is why the City of Orlando has engaged other governments, our business community, educational partners, utility providers, nonprofits and our residents to develop a future-ready roadmap. This roadmap serves as a guide to ensure we continue to advance and embrace new opportunities to help address community challenges and ensure our city remains one of the best places in America to live, work and raise a family. 

The city partnered with VHB and a group of other local consultants to help guide the development of our future-ready city master plan.

Input was gathered in the first half of 2020 in a number of ways including internal city stakeholder discussions, focus-area roundtables for each pillar, public workshops and an online survey. Additional input was obtained using a virtual workshop and virtual meeting room during the second half of 2020 and early 2021. 

View Orlando's master plan for a future-ready city.(PDF, 58MB)

View Orlando's future-ready city master plan focus areas

Connectivity refers to digital civic engagement and providing modern and digital city services to the public. The Connectivity pillar recognizes the need to define the “digital divide,” or those who lack reliable internet access and includes strategies to improve the sharing of information with all Orlando residents and visitors.  

Energy powers everything around us, from our homes and offices to the personal mobile devices that we use to connect to the world. The City of Orlando Green Works program and the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) offer a variety of energy programs to conserve energy, as well as access to renewable energy sources.  

The City Beautiful is home to over 100 lakes and receives more than 50 inches of rainfall per year. However, conservation of water resources is needed to maintain sustainable water supply and mitigate severe weather events. The Water pillar includes strategies for water re-use, conservation and monitoring. Energy pillar is aligned with these initiatives and includes strategies for resilient, reliable and affordable energy for all.  

Health & Safety 
Protecting the health and safety of Orlando residents and visitors is one of the most important functions of local government. The Health & Safety pillar recognizes that a future-ready city is an equitable city and includes strategies for all residents and visitors to live healthy lifestyles and experience a feeling of safety.  

Orlando has a long-term goal of becoming a Zero Waste community. In order to achieve this goal and find value in solid waste, the Materials pillar includes strategies to recycle and re-use materials, diverting them from the landfill.  

Transportation choices are rapidly expanding and the City of Orlando has the opportunity to transform from a single-occupant automobile dominated system to a multimodal community. The Mobility pillar includes strategies to provide safe, affordable and efficient transportation choices for all.  

Placemaking is the intersection of urban design, creativity and programming between the public realm (streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas) and the private realm (buildings, businesses and developments). The Placemaking pillar includes strategies for affordable and attainable housing, digital wayfinding and art and modernized land development codes. 

Current Projects


  • Food recovery pilot program at six neighborhood centers – in one month, approximately 1,500 meals were recovered and provided to residents in need  

Upcoming Projects

  • Upgrade checkout program to 5G, add laptops, and expand to all neighborhood centers in low- to moderate-income communities
  • Free digital literacy training at neighborhood centers
  • Digital Twin – the city is creating an RFP to procure a digital twin that may provide simulation capabilities, provide awareness to first responders, enhance experiences at city parks, etc.
  • Expanded public wi-fi
  • Donating devices (i.e. laptops) to residents in need
  • Digital wayfinding (building upon smart parking)
  • Urban autonomous vehicle pilot 

Vendor Information

Smart City related procurements, like all other City of Orlando procurements, are conducted as prescribed by Florida law and the City of Orlando’s policies and procedures.  

Interested providers of services, products and technology should register through the city’s vendor link systemVendorLink is the City of Orlando’s online supplier registration and notification system. 

Please register on VendorLink to be notified of solicitations that match your interest. 


City of Orlando “Smart City” Background 

The City of Orlando has a long history of innovation and collaboration and has been working on the concept of smart cities for several years. This includes setting up an internal task force, winning the Smart Cities Council Readiness grant and being designated as a proving ground for autonomous vehicles, among many other initiatives.