Start Commercial Garbage or Recycling Service

Are you a business or multifamily property that needs to start garbage or recycling service?

The City of Orlando will meet with you to determine the approximate capacity you will need and provide you with a garbage and/or recycling dumpster to start your service.

Keep in Mind:


Step 1.Check your eligibility

Verify that your business or property is within City of Orlando limits.

Check City Limits

Step 2.Request a consultation

When you start your utility service with OUC, the city is usually notified. However, you can also fill out this form to get started on your consultation with someone from our team. At this meeting, we will determine:

  • Your pick-up schedule.
  • What size container you will need and where to best place it.
  • Other suggested commercial or multifamily services, such as food waste collection.

Request Garbage Consultation

Request Recycling Consultation

Step 3.We will deliver your dumpster

We will deliver your dumpster once your utility service with OUC has been arranged.

Step 4.We will start collecting your garbage and/or recycling

Please know that we can not begin collection until you have utility service.

Some simple rules to follow to ensure your garbage and recycling are collected during your pick-up schedule:

  • Raw garbage needs to be placed in leak-proof containers before being placed in the city container.
  • Loose paper or anything that can fly away needs to be placed in sealed containers (tied bags) prior to being put in the city container.
  • You are not allowed to place the following in the containers:
    • Liquid waste
    • Tires (a $25 fee is added for each tire placed in the container)
    • Hazardous, infectious or industrial waste (this includes cooking oils/grease and major auto parts)
    • Large items that hang outside the container
  • Recyclables should be placed in the container loose rather than bagged
  • No plastic bags/film in recycling
  • Anything stacked above the side panels will not be collected. Items stacked too high may be removed by city employees and will not be placed back in the container.
  • Materials stacked around or in front of the container will prevent us from dumping and will require us to come back out to perform your dump resulting in an extra dump fee.
  • Ensure that your container is not blocked including by parked cars. This will prevent us from dumping and will require us to come back out to perform your dump resulting in an extra dump fee.

Step 5.We will bill you for your collection through your OUC bill

We’ll add the following fees to your OUC bill based on your container and pick-up schedule for garbage and recycling:

See Fee and Pick-Up Schedule

Step 6.You maintain your container

It is your responsibility to care for, clean and sanitize your container. Steam cleaning of the container is available upon request for a fee.