Understand Disabled Parking Rules


Do you need to know the rules for disabled parking in the City of Orlando?

The City of Orlando has designated disabled parking spaces and accessibility-friendly parking policies to make it easier to park around the city.

Types of disabled parking permits

You must have a valid disabled parking permit or disabled license plate issued by your state to use these spaces. This can include:

  • Disabled parking permit placard.
  • Disabled Veterans (DV) license plate.
  • Disabled persons license plate.

The disabled parking permit holder must be the one to use the permit. The permit may not be used if they do not exit the vehicle.

Costs and rules of each location

Free parking for 4 hours in on-street metered spaces

You can park for free for up to four hours in an on-street metered parking space when you display your disabled parking permit, disabled license plate, or disabled veterans (DV) license plate.

Pay for parking in garages and surface lots

Parking garages and surface lots usually have designated disabled parking spaces. Parking might not be free, and rates may be the same as standard parking spaces.

Exemption from parking fees in garages and lots in some cases

You might be exempt from any parking fees at some locations if one of the following applies to you:

  • The vehicle is equipped with specialized equipment, such as a ramp, lift, or foot or hand controls for use by a person who has a disability.
  • The vehicle displays an official "DV" license plate for disabled veterans.
  • The vehicle has a Florida Toll Exemption permit displayed.

Each location has its own rules, and not all will waive the parking fees. Check with the location if they will waive parking fees.

What to do when you park in the designated space

When you find the space, you can park there if you're eligible. Make sure to do at least one of the following:

  • Hang your disabled parking permit placard from the rearview mirror.
  • Have a valid Disabled Veterans (DV) license plate.
  • Have a valid disabled license plate.

What does it cost to park?

The cost to park in the space depends on the location. Any metered space — unless otherwise noted — on the street is free up to four hours when you display your disabled parking permit.

How long can I park?

Each location has different rules for how long you can park in a space, whether it's a designated disabled parking space or not. Be sure to check the rules of that location, as staying too long even with a permit can cause you to get fined or your vehicle towed.