Fitness Centers

You can get fit and stay fit at nine of our city neighborhood centers.

Regular physical activity is a public health priority, and our neighborhood centers make it easy and affordable. City residents can get moving to a healthier lifestyle with an annual membership for under $100.

As part of a continued commitment to the well-being of residents, treadmills, exercycles, free weights, machines and locker rooms are available to members.

Come flex your physical fitness, work out your frustrations, or build a better body for $90.53 a year at the following locations:

Neighborhood Center  Address
Grand Avenue 800 Grand Street
College Park 2393 Elizabeth Avenue
Dover Shores 1400 Gaston Foster Road
Engelwood 6123 LaCosta Drive
Dr. James R. Smith 1723 Bruton Boulevard
John H. Jackson 1002 West Carter Street
Northwest 3955 W. D. Judge Road
Rosemont 4872 Rose Bay Drive
Wadeview 2177 South Summerlin Avenue

Senior Fitness Programs

Great news for Orlando residents 65 and over! Seniors can use these facilities and those at the Beardall Senior Center on 800 South Delaney Avenue and L. Claudia Allen Senior Center on 1840 Mable Butler Drive for free.

If you prefer a workout that is gentle on the joints try our lap swim or water aerobic programs.