Start a Transportation Company

Do you want to operate your own limousine, shuttle service or luxury sedan, van or SUV company?

The police department's Vehicle for Hire unit requires registration of all drivers and vehicles to keep passengers safe. 


Step 1.Determine what type of company you want to start

The city has various categories of transportation companies.

Identify Your Company Type

Step 2.Get a Business Tax Receipt

You must get a Business Tax Receipt from the city or county in which your company is located. The Business Tax Receipt must state that your business is a transportation company. 

Get a Business Tax Receipt

Step 3.Pass your vehicle inspection

You must complete a legible form. A receipt confirming payment for the vehicle inspection must be provided at the time of permitting.

Download the Certificate of Inspection

Step 4.Get a nationwide background check

As part of your Driver Permit, you need to get a background check. You can use any provider that conducts a nationwide criminal background checking. This does not include public record search engines. 

Step 5.Gather your documents

 As part of your Vehicle Permit you will need to provide:

  • A completed City of Orlando Vehicle Inspection Form with receipt of payment for inspection(s)
  • State of Florida Vehicle Registration
  • Certificate of Insurance - must be emailed to directly from insurance agent
  • Commercial liability coverage shall be issued at a minimum in the amounts required pursuant to Section 324.031, Florida Statutes
  • City of Orlando Vehicles for Hire and its address at 1250 West South Street named as additional insured
  • Same exact DBA name as listed on Business Tax Receipt
  • Copy of your Business Tax Receipt
  • Copy of your State of Florida business registration from
  • Rate schedule

For your Driver Permit you will need to provide:

  • Proof of nationwide criminal background check
  • Florida driver license
  • Owners endorsement (if you are not the owner of the transportation company)

Step 7.Make a payment and get your permits

Call our office to schedule your appointment for permitting.

Phone: 407.246.2855

Forms of payment accepted:

  • Debit/Credit card
  • Business/Certified checks
  • Money orders

Cash is not accepted.

Step 8.Display your permits

  • Your Vehicle Permit needs to be visible on the passenger side windshield of your car.
  • When you are driving, your Driver Permit must be visible to the passengers.
  • When you are working and exit your vehicle, your permits must be visible to anyone with whom you interact.

Step 9.Remember to renew your permits

You must renew you permits by the expiration date. Any late renewals are subject to a late fee as stated in Chapter 55.22 of city code. If you want to transfer a permit, you must also complete this application.

Renew or Transfer a Permit(PDF, 186KB)