Residential Development Standards Guide


If you are a homeowner or developer interested in building housing, the following steps will help you get started:

  • Find your property's zoning category. Lots zoned Planned Development (PD) have site-specific requirements that may be different from what’s included on this page. Please contact the City Planning Division for details.
  • Review the development standards for the housing type chosen and the standards that apply to all housing types.
  • Prepare a draft site plan that meets the standards.
  • Review our Residential Permitting Guide.
  • For one unit, your next step is usually to work with a design professional to prepare construction plans and submit a building permit application. For two or more units, review by the City Planning Division may be required before construction plans are finalized.

If you have questions, contact the City Planning Division at 407.246.2269 or

NOTE: The information on this page is provided for reference purposes only. If there are any conflicts between this page and the City Code, the City Code requirements apply.

Development Standards for Specific Housing Types

The zoning tables identify which zoning districts allow each housing type, as well as information such as maximum building heights and building setbacks from the property line. In addition, each housing type described below has unique zoning requirements.

Single Family
  • One detached dwelling unit on a separate lot
  • Allowed in residential zoning districts
  • Standards are found in the zoning tables and zoning overlays. Lots smaller than the minimum size standards might be nonconforming and have additional rules.
Accessory dwelling unit (ADU)
  • A small apartment located on a single family lot, typically in the back yard and often over a garage
  • Allowed on most single family lots
  • ADU standards
  • ADU reference guide 
Tandem single family
  • Three or more attached dwelling units, each on a separate lot
  • Not allowed in R-1 districts or the R-2A district
  • Townhome standards
  • Three to eight small apartment units
  • Not allowed in R-1 districts or the R-2A district
  • Multiplex standards
  • Eight or more apartment units
  • Not allowed in R-1 districts or the R-2A or R-2B districts
  • Multifamily standards


Development Standards for All Housing Types

All housing types must meet the following zoning code requirements:

There are also zoning requirements for accessory structures:

After planning your site, review the applicable Permitting Checklists, prepare construction plans and apply for building permits.