Request a Permit for a Large Outdoor Event

Do you want to host a large outdoor event? 

An 18A Special Events Permit is required when events involving more than 100 people will take place on city property or will impede a city roadway.


Step 1.Give us the details of your event

Use our Special Events Portal to start determining what permits and city services might be required for your event.

Tell Us About Your Event

Step 2.Begin the application process

After you have answered all of the screening questions in the Special Events Portal, click the "Begin Permit Applications" button at the bottom of the summary page. You will then need to name your project and click "Next".

Step 3.Request your permits

Make sure you apply for the permits in the order that they are listed. For example, if your event is planned for a park, you will need to secure that venue before you apply for a Public Assembly Permit.

Note: If a temporary structure or alcohol will be in the street, or if there will be vending on city property, the Public Assembly Permit application must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event and be approved by City Council.

Step 4.Make a payment

When prompted, you can pay the permit processing fees. Some payments are collected upon application; others are required before the permit is issued.

Step 5.We'll review your requests

We will review your applications and contact you if we need additional information.

Step 6.Receive your permits

The approval process takes about 60 days. When your permits are fully approved, we will email them to you.