Report an Incorrectly Parked Dockless Bike or Scooter

Find a dockless bike or scooter parked incorrectly? 

Bikes and scooters that are incorrectly parked should be reported to the correct bike share or scooter company. The city provides an easy way to report them to the correct company.


Determine if the bike or scooter is parked incorrectly

Dockless bikes and scooters are not allowed to be:

  • Blocking the sidewalk, curb ramp, wheelchair ramp or bus stop
  • Blocking a fire hydrant, call box or other emergency facility
  • Blocking a driveway or parking space
  • Parked in the street
  • Parked in a LYNX/SunRail station or on railroad tracks
  • Parked in a loading or freight zone
  • Parked in a public parking garage
  • Parked in a building or resident entryway

Report it to the share company

Be prepared to provide as many details as you can, including an exact location of the bike or scooter. If you have a smart phone, please take a photo to submit in your report.

Report Bike or Scooter

If you'd prefer to reach out directly, you can do so here:

Call or Text: 1.888.LIME.345

Call: 1.833.838.8300

Call: 1.866.205.2442

Call: 1.888.240.7120

Lynx City
Call: 1.833.439.5969

We will pass this information off to the correct company