Report Other Traffic Safety Issues

Is there a traffic safety issue in your neighborhood?

The City of Orlando takes all traffic safety concerns seriously. Report the issue to help keep our public roads safe.  

Traffic safety issues can include, but are not limited, to:

  • Concerns with public parking spaces on city streets
  • Poor street lighting
  • Excessive speeding on public roads
  • Frequent wrong way drivers on a road
  • Faded cross-walk or pavement markings on public streets
  • Frequent crashes on a street or intersection
  • Traffic signal or traffic light studies
  • Blind spots due to fences, shrubs, etc.
  • Narrow roadways due to traffic congestion
  • The need for an all-way stop
  • Intersection improvements
  • Blocked bike lanes

Keep in mind: 


Step 1.Gather your information

We'll need as much information about the traffic safety issue as possible. If possible, take photos of the location or the safety concern. Have your information and photos ready. 

Step 3.We'll review your request

After submitting a request, expect a response from us within two business days.

Step 4.Depending on the issue, it may require a Traffic Calming Project

Traffic Calming is the installation of devices designed to reduce traffic speeds or cut-through volumes in the interest of safety. Examples of devices used to improve the safety for pedestrians and motorists are:

  • Speed humps
  • Speed tables
  • Raised crosswalks
  • Roundabouts
  • Islands

If the Transportation-Engineering team evaluates this as a requirement, it will go through the steps of a Traffic Calming Project.

Steps of a Traffic Calming Project