Report Something Broken in a Park

Do you want to report something broken, damaged or vandalized in a city park?

The City of Orlando responds to repair requests to keep all parks beautiful and safe for all visitors.

Keep in mind:
  • Please don't attempt to report or take photos while driving.
  • The surface and location are required. Any additional notes to help us locate the issue are appreciated.
  • Provide your contact information in case we have questions.
  • The city doesn't handle issues on private property.


Step 1.Identify the park

Verify that you are in a City of Orlando park and find out the park name.

Step 2.Take a photo, if possible

Take a photo of the broken, damaged or missing equipment. The more the photo shows of the area surrounding it, the easier it is for us to find it.

Step 3.Report it to the city

Submit Report

Step 4.We will review your submission

A city staff member will review your report and schedule the equipment for repair.