Find Rainfall, Water Quality and Lake Level Data

Do you need rainfall and lake level data?

The City of Orlando provides timely information about water level, flow and quality.


Step 1.Visit our Hydrology Monitoring System portal

The site displays new and historic details on rainfall and lake levels in the area.

View the Data

Step 2.Select the lake you want to view

On the left side, you'll find the names of all the Orlando lakes you can view. Click on the one you want to view the data on. A simple dashboard will show data including elevation and daily rainfall.

Step 3.Use other views

Near the bottom of the left side, you'll find other ways to see the data.

  • Dashboards: A list of custom graphs for each location.
  • Map: A color-coded map view with a legend explaining what the icons and colors mean.
  • List: A spreadsheet view of all the data. You can sort the information by using the filters at the top.
  • Data Set: Displays customized data.
  • Chart: Shows predefined charts for specific areas.
  • Export: Lets you download the data you choose in CSV or Excel format.
  • Reports: Lets you download predefined reports from a list of folders on the right side of the page.