Lake Underhill Park


Lake Underhill Park is a neighborhood park that covers 8.8 acres of green space on the southern banks of Lake Underhill. This park is a haven for boaters who utilize the boat ramps to fish on the lake, for bird watchers who love to observe the multitude of wildlife along the shoreline and for those who enjoy exercising on the .75 mile trail that is equipped with multiple fitness stations.

Located on the south side of the Orlando Executive Airport, Lake Underhill’s loop trail is approximately 1.3 miles around (including the bridge portion). Many people might not know that the Lake Underhill Path that goes through Lake Underhill Park continues on in both directions to connect Festival Park, Orlando Skate Park, Colonel Joe Kittinger Park, West Lake Underhill Park and Park of the Americas.


4355 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, FL 32803  View Map

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