North Orange Ave Sanitary Sewer Improvements

Last updated on June 05, 2024

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On September 11, 2023 the City of Orlando's Public Works Department will begin Phase 1 of the construction to replace sanitary sewer lines on North Orange Avenue, between Ivanhoe Boulevard and Alden Road.

The project to replace the undersized and aged pipeline with new infrastructure will be broken into five phases over 15 months.

The project is necessary to address a section of the sanitary sewer pipeline that has undergone settling and now maintains a notable flat profile.  The presence of a level gravity sewer system poses challenges to the smooth passage of materials within the pipe.

The current pipeline will be substituted with a modern version featuring an expanded diameter.  This modification effectively accommodates the burgeoning growth within this segment of the North Orange Avenue corridor.

The project will occur on N. Orange Avenue, Between Ivanhoe Boulevard and Highland Avenue.


As the project progresses there will be a temporary full or partial closure at Ivanhoe Boulevard, Virginia Boulevard, and Alden Road, the closures will not occur simultaneously.

Once the contractor begins the project, there will be temporary on-street parking restrictions where work is occurring. The city will work with code enforcement and the Orlando Police Department to maintain a safe working environment. Should a vehicle block or obstruction construction the contractor may choose to relocate a vehicle.

Residents, pedestrians, or commuters may encounter road closures, detours, or signal flaggers within the project area.

There is a high probability of noise once the project begins.

Working hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The contractor may elect to work on Saturdays. Saturday working hours will resemble weekday hours. Working on Saturday may become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather.

Solid waste, recycling, and yard waste collection will continue on their regular schedule. The contractor will coordinate with solid waste or assist residents who are temporarily impacted as the project progresses.

First responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access to the immediate and surrounding areas should an emergency occur.

Should it become necessary, the contractor may use sanitary sewer bypass pumps to maintain continuous sanitary sewer service throughout the project.

Potential Supply Chain Issues:

The City's Public Works Department is closely monitoring the global supply chain issue, labor shortages, and increases in the price of materials.

The competitive bid contractor and the City will strive to complete a capital improvement project on time and within budget. However, due to circumstances outside the control of both entities, there may be delays for necessary materials, potential for projects to be completed over budget, and potential delays.

We will continue to work with the community and our stakeholders to address the abovementioned issues and return normalcy to a community.


Potential Adverse Weather:

The contractor and city will monitor the weekly weather forecast. The contractor may elect not to work should rain or adverse weather be in the weather forecast, regardless if rain actually occurs.

Should a weather event occur, the contract may find it necessary to take one or two days to remediate the project area before beginning work again.


Potential Utility Conflicts:

Safety and maintaining continuous utility service are our number one priority. Delays like this are sometimes necessary to maintain our commitment. 

Capital improvement projects are fluid. Our consultant, contractor, and project manager do an excellent job designing, engineering, and constructing projects. However, once the contractor opens the roadway, it is not uncommon to find utilities not mapped, declared, or in conflict with the current design or path of the new utilities. 

The contractor may need to delay working until a solution is readily available to resolve the conflict. 


Unexpected Utility Damage (Non-City Utilities):

Please be advised, the contractor or the city cannot and will not make repairs to cable, internet, fiber lines, water or power lines.

Constituents must contact their service provider as soon as possible if this unforeseen event occurs.

The service provider will make repairs. Upon notifying the service provider, please contact the construction manager or inspector and inform them of your situation.

How Long Will This Project Last?

The contractor expects to complete the project in 12 months. However, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can increase the project's duration. 

What If I Need Emergency Services?

Should you experience an emergency, please dial 911. First responders and emergency vehicles will have access to the neighborhood. 

I have a business on N. Orange Avenue or I live on an adjacent road, Will I Have Access to My Property?

The contractor will coordinate with any business or homeowner directly impacted by the project. The contractor will assist all with appropriate accommodations to maintain access to their properties.

Why Would the Contractor Need to Work On Saturday?

Sometimes, after a heavy rain event, the contractor will need to survey, restore, and repair the area to continue the project.

Despite our best planning efforts, sometimes there are unforeseen conditions or circumstances. Work on Saturday allows the contractor to make up for delays, keeping the project on schedule and finishing on time.

Why Are Dewatering and Sanitary Sewer Bypass Pumps Necessary?

A dewatering system is necessary to lower the water table in soil. This provides the contractor a dry stable structure in which to excavate and install new utilities. 

The sanitary sewer bypass system is necessary to maintain uninterrupted sanitary sewer services to all homes during the project.

I Am Expecting a Package or Planning to Use a Delivery Service, What Now?

It is in the resident's benefit to notify service providers about the project within area when scheduling or utilizing a delivery service. The City does an excellent job notifying stakeholders about improvement projects. However, a few independent delivery services do not subscribe to our notification system.

Will My Landscape Company Still Have Access to Continue Cutting and Trimming My Yard?

Yes. Your landscape company may still access the neighborhood to keep your yard beautiful. Again, notify the landscape company about the improvement project giving the company time to prepare. There may be times when coordination between your landscape company and the contractor will be necessary.

I Am Worried About My Sprinkler System!

In the unlikely event, a property's sprinkler system is damaged where work occurred, the contractor will coordinate with the resident to address the issue. 

My cable, power or water went out unexpectedly. What now?

Please be advised, the contractor and the city cannot and will not make repairs to cable, internet, fiber, power or water lines.

Please contact your service provider as soon as possible if this unforeseen event occurs. The service provider will make repairs.

Upon notifying your service provider, please contact the construction manager or inspector and inform them of your situation. 

I Have Concerns About Traffic and Pedestrian Safety!

The City takes these concerns seriously. Please contact the City's Transportation Division at 407.246.2281 or visit the safety portal.

Will The City Collect Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste On Its Normal Days?

Yes. The City will continue to collect trash on its regular service schedule. Should a missed collection occur, please dial 407.246.2314 or email

It is recommended you leave your carts or materials out for a second attempt.


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