Report Speeding in Your Neighborhood

Are people frequently speeding on your residential street?

The City of Orlando performs speeding studies to determine if there is a speeding problem and decide if we need to install any traffic devices to keep your neighborhood safe.


Step 1.Gather information about the speeding problem.

  • Where is the problem occurring: What's the property address or block?
  • What time(s) of day is the problem occurring?
  • What day(s) of the week is the problem occurring? 

Step 2.Report the problem to us

The city investigates chronic speeding problems.

Report Speeding in Your Neighborhood

Step 3.We'll review your request

Traffic Studies will investigate your request and follow up with you with our recommendation. Someone will contact you within two business days to let you know that your report has been received.

Step 4.Depending on the issue, it may require a Traffic Calming Project

Traffic Calming is the installation of devices designed to reduce traffic speeds or cut-through volumes in the interest of safety. Examples of devices used to improve the safety for pedestrians and motorists are:

  • Speed humps
  • Speed tables
  • Raised crosswalks
  • Roundabouts
  • Islands

If the Transportation-Engineering team evaluates this as a requirement, it will go through the steps of a Traffic Calming Project.

Steps of a Traffic Calming Project