My Brother's Keeper

MBK members and Mayor Dyer

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a national initiative, started by President Barack Obama, that addresses persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men of color. MBK aims to ensure that all young people reach their full potential.

My Brother's Keeper Orlando

The City of Orlando joined the My Brother’s Keeper national initiative in 2014, which aims to improve life outcomes among Orlando’s boys and young men of color by providing strong, lasting opportunities for success.

MBK Orlando aims to improve academic performance, increase employment, and reduce incarceration among the cities most disadvantaged communities.

Partnerships: Orlando Magic, Orange County Public Schools, EA Sports, The Chopra Foundation, local non-profit organizations and community centers.





  • Getting a healthy start and entering school ready to learn
  • Reading at grade level by third grade
  • Graduating from high school ready for college and career
  • Completing postsecondary education or training
  • Successfully entering the workforce
  • Keeping kids on track and giving them second chances

Implementing a 36-week curriculum to:

  • provide students a safe space for individual and emotional growth
  • engage youth in safe programming to ensure future success
  • encourage positive behavior outcomes by promoting service to others

MBK youth will:

  • Improve confidence levels
  • Develop a sense of belonging
  • Conceptualize their own self-worth
  • Attend and participate in mentoring sessions
  • Set clear goals for self-improvement
  • Improve behavior outcomes during academic year and beyond
  • Engage in service to others and their community