Volunteer to Mark Storm Drains

Would you like to help keep pollution out of our stormwater and local lakes?

People blow leaves or pour paints, pesticides, antifreeze, used motor, hazardous chemicals, and oil down storm drains on streets and in parking lots, unaware of its negative impact of local water quality.

Stormwater runoff carrying pollutants and illegally dumped wastes can damage water quality and affect fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities.

Volunteer to mark storm drains with "No Dumping" signs. Get involved with your community, educate residents, and increase awareness about the importance of our local water resources and the environment.

Keep in mind:

  • To request marking kits, the storm drains must be within the City of Orlando limits.


Step 1.Organize your group

You can mark drains by yourself or with your family, friends, neighbors, church group, scout troop, club or student classroom.

Step 2.Select a location that needs marking with new or replacement signs

Your City of Orlando neighborhood is a great place to start. You can also ask for a location assignment when you request your marking kits.

Step 3.Request marking kits

We will provide you with free marking kits and training materials.

Request Marking Kits

Step 4.We will respond to your request

Someone from our team will reach out to you about your request and arrange a time when you can pick up your kits.

Step 5.Mark drains when the weather is dry and the temperature is above 35° Fahrenheit

Most volunteers take an hour or two to mark their local storm drains.