Request an Aeronautical Permit

Do you want to use a helicopter for a special event?

The City of Orlando requires permits for helicopters that will be at one location in city limits for any length of time.


Step 1.Gather your information

You will need to upload: 

  • Proof of insurance (including ID number and expiration date)
  • FAA approval documents

Step 2.Request an Aeronautical Permit

Complete the online application. You don't need to create a login or get an account number.

Submit Your Request

Step 3.We'll review your request

We will give you ID and View numbers to track the progress of your permit. We also will email status updates as your permit moves through the approval process.

Step 4.Make a payment

When prompted, you can pay the $75 permit processing fee online via credit card.

Step 5.Receive your permit

When your permit is approved, we will email it to you.