Register a Responsible Person for Your Business

Are you selling alcohol for onsite consumption downtown after midnight? 

Every business selling alcohol after midnight within the Downtown Entertainment Area must identify a Responsible Person in charge of the business during that time. Each Responsible Person must be registered with the Code Enforcement Division and must remain on-site during all operations until closing.


Step 1.Understand the requirements

According to City Ordinance 2022-46, Responsible Person means the permittee, owner, proprietor, promoter, manager, assistant manager or other person in charge of the business, whether or not that person is a named permittee. Learn more about late-night uses.

Step 2.Register with Code Enforcement

Make sure you identify all late-night managers of the business.

Submit the Form

Step 3.Keep your documents onsite

All local licenses and permit requirements, including a list of the Responsible Persons registered with the Code Enforcement Division, must be kept onsite and provided upon request to any city official, such as Code Enforcement, Police, Fire or Building inspectors.