Get Large Items Picked Up

Do you have something too large to fit in your trash cart?

The city will pick up some furniture, appliances, construction and demolition materials, and other large items for free on yard waste day, without the need to schedule.


Step 1.Find your yard waste day

You can put up to two large items on the curb on yard waste day for free pickup. Check which day of the week we pick up your yard waste.

Find Your Yard Waste Day

Step 2.Put your large items on the curb

The city will pick up two of the following for free:

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Construction and demolition materials

Bagster pickup: Call us at 407.246.2314 to schedule a pickup of your Bagster. This service costs $60 per Bagster and will show on your next OUC bill.

Place these items at the edge of your property before the curb.

Do not block the street, sidewalk, mailboxes, trees, poles, fire hydrants, storm drains or overhead utilities. Keeping these areas clear will help us reach the large items.

Remove all doors from refrigerators and freezers before placing the items on the curb to make sure children do not become trapped inside the appliances.

Step 3.We will pick up your large items

We'll come on your yard waste day to pick up your large items. There's no need to schedule the pickup ahead of time.

If the items are too big or heavy and cannot be safely loaded into the truck, we may need to come back with a claw truck, which will incur a charge. Please call us at 407.246.2314 for the cost to come back to pick up these items.

If we miss the pickup, please let us know by calling 407.246.2314 or email us at