Request to Have Your Property Annexed

Do you live outside the city limits but want access to City of Orlando services?

You can request to have your property annexed to receive benefits such as trash pickup, fire and police services and street maintenance.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

In order to be considered for annexation, your property must touch a property within city limits or be directly across the street. You may check to see if you are near city limits by entering your address into our locator tool.

Locate Your Property 

Step 2.Attend a pre-application meeting

You must meet with a city planner before submitting an application. Review the process and contact us to schedule a meeting.

Step 3.Gather your materials

Unless waived by a planner at the pre-application meeting, you will need to submit: 

  • Statement explaining reasons for requesting annexation, future land use, and initial zoning, as required by the Land Development Code, Section 65.266. 
  • Application Form
  • Ownership Affidavit: Required for all applications, regardless of applicant’s relationship to property owner. Each signature must be notarized. Make sure you have the right form for the property’s ownership (Individual, Husband & Wife, Business, Trust, etc.) 
  • Consent Form: Must be signed by the property owner and notarized. 
  • Petition for Annexation: Must be signed by the owner or authorized applicant and notarized.
  • Verified Legal Description Form: Must be completed and signed.
  • Boundary Survey: A recent survey showing all existing improvements on the property and certified by the surveyor, drawn to engineering scale.

We will discuss these documents with you during your meeting.

Step 4.Make a payment

A $100 user fee established by City Council helps partially off-set the administrative and direct costs of processing an application. The application fee does not in any way ensure an applicant a favorable decision. All applications will be reviewed on the merits of the request alone.

Associated applications and fees for initial zoning and future land use designations may also be required. This will also be discussed during your meeting.

Step 5.Submit your application

Applications are due by 2 p.m. on the deadline date. Make sure that your application package is complete and submitted on time to avoid being deferred to the next posted deadline date and board meeting. Applications must be submitted within 60 days of your pre-application meeting.

Step 6.We will review your request

We will review your application and may require additional information, including documents initially waived at the pre-application meeting. We will then schedule your request for review by the City Council and Municipal Planning Board.