Artist and City Responsibility

Wall-Ready Artwork

If your artwork is selected, it must be "wall-ready". Having "wall-ready" artwork means the work is finished and ready to hang. Guidelines include:

  • Work either framed or gallery-wrapped on a stretcher that is 1.5" or larger with exposed sides as part of the original work.
  • Unfinished, exposed sides are typically considered unfinished unless it is the intent of the aesthetic or subjectivity of the work.
  • Have hardware already mounted to the backs for installation which may include, but is not limited to:
  • D-rings/straps
  • WIRED if appropriate
  • French cleat
  • In some cases, saw tooth hangers
  • any device affixed to the back of the artwork that will enable its installation

Public Art Responsibility

An opening reception is at the discretion of venues and will be planned by venues accordingly. Guest lists including email addresses can be sent to Public Art for electronic invitations in the event of an opening reception.

All costs for the reception are absorbed by Public Art.  Mail-outs are not currently covered under invite costs by Public Art but are welcome at the expense of the visiting artist.

Travel and lodging is at the expense of the artist and or group.

Public Art currently has a sole responsibility in the following scope of exhibit:

  • Correspond with artist or facilitator
  • Gather all documents requested
  • Ready all print material and send to print, pay, receive and install (Print materials are: labels, wall text, poster, vinyl.)
  • Receive the art work, unpack and save material for outgoing
  • Layout/curate the exhibit
  • Install the art work
  • De-Install the art work
  • Ready the art work for collection; packing materials will be re-used if present
  • Fully coordinate and oversee the opening reception, if applicable, and cover costs pertaining to reception