Become a City-Registered Mortgage Lender

Are you a mortgage lender with a homebuyer who is in need of down payment assistance?

To apply for down payment assistance, the city requires the homebuyer's mortgage lender to be registered with the City of Orlando.


Step 1.Understand the responsibility of becoming a city-registered mortgage lender

City-registered mortgage lenders are responsible for:

  • Being the point of contact with the city for the applicant
  • Determining the applicant's eligibility for the program, including income and household composition
  • Submitting the necessary information and forms to the city
  • Coordinating the closing with the title companies and other partners
  • Assisting the city in maintaining the integrity of the program and services

Step 2.Read and understand the requirements for the Down Payment Assistance Program

To register with the City of Orlando, you need to understand the Down Payment Assistance Program in detail. Please read the following Lender Registration Guide thoroughly and watch the tutorial video below.

Read the Lender Registration Guide

Watch the Tutorial Video

Step 3.Complete the Lender Registration Application

Once you read through the Lender Registration Guide and understand the Down Payment Assistance Program in detail, you will need to complete the application.

You will also need to upload a sample of a Loan Estimate or Closing Cost Worksheet with typical fees highlighted.

Submit the Lender Registration Application

Step 4.Once you are registered, continue or finalize the down payment assistance application with your homebuyer

Apply for Down Payment Assistance