Proactive City Surveying

An image of a city employee surveying a city street in front of a white City of Orlando vehicle.

The proactive surveying of communities or undeveloped areas presents survey crews with an opportunity to identify public right-of-way boundaries, properly map topography, implement floodplain management strategies, inventory public utilities, and ensure compliance for urban development.  

All city departments utilize the Survey and Engineering Division. Please be advised, proactive surveying is not always an indication for a potential issue or a future infrastructure project.

Survey hours are between 6:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Prior to the start of surveying, crews will knock on the door of properties they need to enter or will leave door hangers at select locations. When working solely in the right-of-way they will not leave door hangers on knock-on doors as to not disturb residents. 

Our survey and stormwater crews drive branded trucks with the City of Orlando logo. They also wear clothing with City of Orlando branding. When in doubt, ask to see a City of Orlando ID badge.  

The impact on businesses and residents will be minimal. Residents will notice survey crews walking throughout a community. It is not uncommon to see crews leave and return frequently. Should there be adverse weather or unforeseen circumstances, the survey process may be delayed or prolonged. 

 Residents may notice survey crews from the City of Orlando using scientific devices to locate the stormwater utility above ground. These devices are unintrusive. However, there may be times when a city surveyor will need access to your front or back yard. Our crews will attempt to seek permission to access private property. A door hanger will be left with the homeowner as well. We respectfully ask you to secure pets and temporarily disable yard irrigation, should you provide access. Should there be high yard vegetation, city survey crews may trim or cut back vegetation. 

None. As mentioned above, survey crews from the city will attempt to contact property owners for permission to access front and back yards.