Apply for Affordable Housing Development Incentives

Are you a builder working on an affordable housing development project? 

The City of Orlando has several financial incentive strategies to assist builders with affordable housing unit projects. These incentives are for viable projects that provide affordability long-term.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

Check to see that your development project is within City of Orlando limits.

Check City Limits

If you are not in city limits, you may contact the City Planning Division to ask about property annexation at or 407.246.2269 ext. 1.

Step 2.See available incentives

Check to see what available incentive strategies exist and their associated impact fees.

See Development Incentives

Step 3.Request an initial review with our staff

Request Initial Review

We will contact you within three to five business days to schedule a meeting.

Step 4.Gather your documentation

Start gathering any relevant materials. We suggest to have the following documents ready:

  • Survey
  • Development plan
  • Site control documentation
  • Financial sources
  • Unit mix and potential income, development and operating budgets
  • Tax credit assumptions
  • Hard-cost detail
  • Annual financial statements
  • Phase I environmental review (if applicable)
  • Tenant relocation plan (if applicable)

Step 5.Meet with Housing and City Planning departments at City Hall

After the initial review is approved, you will meet with city staff to discuss the project more in detail and submit a formal application for the desired incentive.

Step 6.Apply for the desired development incentive

We will provide you with the application you will need to submit for the incentive desired or the incentive(s) you are eligible for.

Step 7.Present your project to the Housing Review Committee

Depending on the incentive(s) requested, you may be required to present your project to the Housing Review Committee. Once the application is submitted, we will let you know of a day and time you will need to present your project and materials to the Housing Review Committee for approval.

Step 8.We will let you know if additional meetings are required for your project.

Depending on the scope of the project, you may be required to attend additional meetings. Larger projects may require other meetings including, but not limited to, the Municipal Planning Board or the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

Step 9.We will submit your project for consideration to City Council

If needed, we will submit requests for considerations to City Council.