Join the City's Community Engagement Group

Are you interested in giving regular feedback to the city?

The City of Orlando regularly invites community members to provide feedback to improve city services and initiatives. Membership in the Community Engagement Group is open to city residents, visitors, business owners or people who work in the city limits.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

You must:

  • provide an email address. We will use your email address to invite you to the feedback activities. If your email address has identifiable information about you, you may wish to create a different email address to use.
  • be older than 18 years of age.

You must also fit at least one of the following descriptions:

  • Live in city limits
  • Work in city limits
  • Own a business in city limits
  • Frequently visit city limits

Step 2.Understand public records impact

Florida has a very broad public records law. As a result, the information you share can be made available to the public and media upon request, unless the information is exempt or confidential under Florida law. You can learn more about Florida public records laws by reviewing the latest statues.

While we value your feedback, please only share information you want to. There is no participation requirement to stay in the Community Engagement Group. You are also not required to do every feedback activity. You can stop your participation in any activity at any time you like, and you can opt out at any time.

Step 3.Complete the opt-in form

Join the Community Engagement Group

Step 4.We will contact you

You will receive a welcome email and a follow-up survey to collect additional information. We collect these details to make sure the group is diverse and includes unique perspectives; and to ask for feedback about topics you find interesting.