Join the City's Community Engagement Group

Are you interested in providing feedback to the city about various topics through an easy online format?

Join the growing number of city residents, visitors and business owners who provide their feedback with short, online surveys. Topics include transportation, sustainability, planning, housing and more.


Step 1.Learn about the group

The City of Orlando is continuously recruiting a diverse panel of city customers (residents, visitors, people who work in the city and business owners) to share their feedback. As a member of the Community Engagement Group, you will receive short, easy, online surveys about different topics that help the city understand its community needs.

Past topics include:

  • Transportation
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Future plans for parks
  • And more

Although your participation is always appreciated, there is no commitment to fill out every survey you are sent and you can always opt-out.

Step 2.Check your eligibility

  • Although we prioritize research with city residents, we also encourage joining for people who:
    • work in city limits
    • own a business in city limits
    • frequently visit city limits
  • You must provide an email address
  • You must be over 18 years of age

Step 3.Join the Community Engagement Group 

Join the Community Engagement Group

Step 4.We will contact you

Once you join, you will receive a welcome email and an initial follow-up survey to learn more about you. This information will help us understand the make up of our growing panel.

The frequency will vary but you will never receive a survey more than once a month.