Piedmont Yard Project

The City of Orlando is committed to ensuring that every person, regardless of economic status, has access to quality housing that is safe and affordable.

We are working towards the redevelopment of city-owned property, located in the Holden Heights neighborhood, that would provide the opportunity to expand our housing inventory for low-income residents. In addition, this redevelopment could serve as a catalyst for new development in the neighborhood, while providing a transition from the industrial uses north of the site to the residential properties south of the site.

The properties at this site were previously used as container storage.

With the site in proximity to transit, jobs and opportunities, the city is working to redevelop this site to address the growing need for affordable housing. The city has worked to relocate the containers and clean the properties to support the best use of the site, given its location adjacent to homes and businesses.

The project site consists of the properties located at 712, 722 and 810 Piedmont Street and 1000 South Parramore Avenue, and a portion of South Lee Avenue.

Project site map of Piedmont Yard


712, 722 and 810 Piedmont Street and 1000 South Parramore Avenue, Orlando, FL   View Map

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