Cady Way Trail

Photo of the Cady Way Trail

The Cady Way Trail is located four miles northeast of Downtown Orlando and is one section of a larger regional trail.

The Cady Way Trail extends northeast from the Fashion Square Mall through Orange County, connecting to the Cross Seminole Trail.

The trail is twelve feet wide, with two trail spurs that connect Lake Baldwin and Lake Susannah.

There is a 2.5 mile trail loop that meanders around Lake Baldwin and another 1.5 mile trail spur around the west side of Lake Susannah.

The trail connects various restaurants, retail, and employment centers such as the Fashion Square Mall, Downtown Baldwin Park, and the Executive Center Drive offices.

Trail Characteristics:

  • Long shaded segments, perfect for both spring and fall riding.
  • This trail is one of the most heavily used trails during weekends and early evenings.


  • Audubon Park
  • Baldwin Park
  • Colonial Town Center
  • Coytown

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