Request a Free Street Tree

Do you want a tree planted in front of your house?

The City of Orlando provides and plants trees along its streets to create a cooler and greener environment.


Check your eligibility

You must:

  • be a City of Orlando resident homeowner.
  • understand there is a three to four month processing period before the tree is planted.

Your desired tree location must be:

  • within the right-of-way and/or
  • within the private part of your front yard that is 20 feet or less from the end of the right-of-way.

Choose your tree type

We offer various species of canopy and understory trees. Please note that due to supply and/or seasonality, some species may not always be available.

  • Canopy trees can be planted if the right-of-way is at least 6-feet-wide. These trees will grow taller.
  • Understory trees are best if you have overhead power lines or a narrow parkway, as they grow shorter than canopy trees.

Limitations apply depending on the spacing needs of each tree type.

See Tree Types

Submit your request

Only submit one request per household. If you would like multiple trees, select only your preferred tree type.

Submit Request

Confirm your request

We will notify you to confirm your desired location. You must reply to us before we send an inspector to your property.

Get the site inspected

We will inspect the site and will email you with the results. Based on the results, we may recommend a new location for the tree or a different type of tree.

Plant the tree

With your approval of the final location, we will plant the tree within 45 days.

Water and care for your new tree

It is important to properly care for your new tree to make sure it grows to be healthy and mature. Once the tree is planted, it is the resident's responsibility to maintain its growth with water and fertilizer.  

Tree Care Instructions