Request an Energy-Savings Tree

Do you want a free tree for your private yard?

In an effort to preserve our tree canopy, the City of Orlando, in partnership with Arbor Day, provides trees to city residents for their private yards.

Planting trees helps us create a cooler and greener future for the City Beautiful. Trees planted in the right place can also help maximize shade and increase your energy savings.


Step 1.Check your eligibility

You must be a City of Orlando resident.

Determine If You Live in the City Limits

Step 2.Choose your tree type

We offer various species of canopy and understory trees. Please note that due to supply and/or seasonality, some species may not always be available.

  • Canopy trees can be planted if the right-of-way is at least 6 feet wide. These trees will grow taller.
  • Understory trees are best if you have overhead power lines or a narrow parkway, as they grow shorter than canopy trees.

See Tree Types

Step 3.Submit your request

We partner with for online requests. The submission tool will help you outline your property lines, determine where to avoid power lines and place your tree to maximize shade and energy savings. 

Submit Request for a Tree

Step 4.Receive your tree

Your tree should arrive seven to ten business days after ordering. If you have not received your tree in that time, please contact Arbor Day for a status update at or 844.972.4442.

Step 5.Plant and care for the tree

You can watch a video to show you how to plant your tree in the right place at

Learn how to care for your tree once it arrives on your doorstep. Find out how to prep the soil, water, fertilize and mulch.

Tree Care Instructions