Request Extra-Duty Employment

Do you need to hire Orlando police officers for your business or event?

The Orlando Police Department has officers available for security and traffic services to help protect your business, organization or when you're hosting an event. You can request OPD's support online.


Step 1.Request a consultation with an extra-duty coordinator

An extra-duty coordinator will answer questions and guide you through the process. We will go over:

  • The typical costs
  • Whether vehicles are needed
  • Alcohol and special event permit-related requirements
  • Scheduling

If you're familiar with the process, you can skip this step and start the request form in step 2.

Step 2.Complete the request form online

The online form will provide OPD the details needed to get started on your request.

Request Extra-Duty Employment

Step 3.We will contact you

Within 3 business days, we will call you to go over your request and confirm all the details.

Step 4.Pay the required fees

Extra-duty fees must be paid before your event. You can pay with:

  • A check in the mail
  • A check in person at OPD headquarters
  • Credit card online

Step 5.Orlando Police will provide the service

After the agreement is finalized and fees are paid, the service will be provided as agreed on the day(s) of your event.