Request a Road, Lane or Sidewalk Closure

Do you need to close a road, sidewalk or other area of the public right-of way for your construction work?

You must obtain authorization to close streets, lanes, public alleys or sidewalks in the City of Orlando in order to maintain public and worker safety. It is important for you to be aware that authorization is required even though you may have already received approved building and engineering permits from the city’s Permitting Services Office.  

For Emergency Closure Requests, email and include the following information:

  • Contact name, phone number, email and company name
  • Address/work location
  • Barricade Company
  • Brief description of work
  • Applicable MOT standard indices being used for traffic control (If the standard index is not applicable or requires any modifications, then a plan will need to be designed and submitted for review).

All other closures requests must follow the step-by-step submittal process below.

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Step 1.Check your eligibility

Make sure the road you want to close is located in the city limits.

Verify the Location

State or county road closure permits may also be required. Email for more information.

Step 2.Gather your information

You will need to provide: 

  • The exact location of work performed, including the street name and intersecting streets
  • A description of the work you are doing
  • A start and completion date of your work 
  • Barricade company contact information. If you need a barricade company, you can contact:
  • Flashrite, 407.834.0408
  • Bob's Barricades, 407.855.7186
  • MOT Plans Inc., 407.724.4282
  • Acme, 407.253.4337
  • Safety Systems Barricade Corp., 305.591.2689
  • Sunbelt Rental, 407.294.1967

Step 3.Fill out application

Fill in all required fields plus you will be asked to submit attachments if applicable:

  • Aerial map showing precise work location(s) noting areas effected
  • Copy of Advanced FDOT MOT Certificate for the person responsible for the setup and maintenance of the approved traffic control plan.
  • Copy of detailed traffic control plan or modified FDOT MOT indices if NOT submitting a current non modified FDOT MOT indices.
    • Street names displayed.
    • Lane closures and/or closed streets must be illustrated on map.
    • Use multiple maps when needed. Number maps to ensure proper order. 

Complete the Application

Step 4.We will contact you

We will review your application within a minimum of five business days from the time of receipt of all documents and shall be received ten days prior to implementation of work. 

Step 5.Notify residents and businesses

You will need to notify affected residents and businesses of the road closure at least two weeks prior to your construction work.

Step 6.Close the road

Your barricade company is responsible for closing the road during your construction.