Report Nuisance Parking

Are you having a parking problem in front of your house or business?

Report the problem so that we can investigate your parking concerns to help keep our streets safe.

Please note: Per Florida Statute 162.21, anyone submitting a code violation report must provide their name and address. We cannot investigate code violation claims without this information.


Step 1.Gather your information

  • Where is the problem occurring: what's the property address or block?
  • What time(s) of day is the problem occurring?
  • What day(s) of the week is the problem occurring?

Step 2.Report the problem to us

The city investigates chronic parking problems. If you need to report an abandoned or illegally parked car, please call the Orlando Police Department's non-emergency number: 321.235.5300

Report Nuisance Parking

Step 3.We'll review your request

We will contact you within two business days to discuss your parking problem in more detail.