Lake Notasulga - Haralson Estates Improvements

The Haralson Estates Subdivision, located just north of downtown Orlando is a community composed of single-family homes.  An older stormwater management system that no longer meets the needs of the neighborhood is being replaced with the installation of an upgraded drainage system, alongside roadway improvements, and the addition of sidewalks. These enhancements not only promise a more visually appealing neighborhood but also aim to enhance the day-to-day living conditions of the residents. 

Originally constructed as a rural area, the neighborhood currently relies on a swale drainage system. However, due to unfavorable soil conditions and a high water table, these shallow drainage channels are no longer effective. As a result, the project includes the reconstruction of the sanitary sewer system and potable water system, ensuring the overall infrastructure is brought up to modern standards. 


This subdivision was originally constructed in Orange County and was built to rural standards. The project stems from community meetings held between the District Commissioner and residents and will greatly improve the neighborhood infrastructure. The subdivision currently has open drainage with hazardous side slopes and standing water, the roads are narrow and beginning to fail and there are no sidewalks present. The sewer and water systems are aging and undersized. This project would seek to update the public infrastructure and improve safety and living conditions in the neighborhood. 

  • Phase I Design Plans (100%) - 4th Quarter 2023
  • Public Meeting - 4th Quarter 2023
  • Anticipated Start Date - 3rd Quarter 2024

There will be lane and street closures as part of this project. The construction will happen in phases. Therefore, not all streets will be closed at the same time.

The project will result in temporary traffic disruption along the route as the entire road will be closed one block at a time for construction.

During construction, there might be an occasion when certain residents will not be able to use their driveways. Before blocking any driveways, the contractor will provide residents with advance notice and recommend alternative parking spots on the street.

Work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Solid waste, recycling, mail, and other services will continue as scheduled. Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access.

Unforeseen circumstances and adverse weather can create delays that increase the project's duration and create opportunities for weekend and overnight work.


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