Apply for a Donation Bin Permit

Do you want to collect donated items for a charity organization? 

You need a permit to place a donation bin anywhere in city limits.


Step 1.Gather your materials

You will need to submit:

  • A notarized ownership affidavit. This is required for all applications, regardless of applicant’s relationship to property owner. You can get a copy of the form here
  • A site plan. You must identify existing site improvements and the proposed location of your donation bin. 
  • A description of the bin. Make sure you identify the dimensions and type of donation bin. You will also need to identify the location and size of signage on the bin. You can submit photos or graphics, if available. 

Step 2.Fill out the form

Make sure you upload the required materials.

Complete the Form

Step 3.We will contact you

Our staff will send an email confirmation to you when we receive your application. Within five business days, we will send you a billing summary once we have processed your application. It will include payment instructions.

Step 4.Make a payment

A $275 user fee established by City Council helps partially off-set the administrative and direct costs of processing an application. The application fee does not in any way ensure an applicant a favorable decision. All applications will be reviewed on the merits of the request alone.

Location Requirements

  • You cannot relocate the bin within the building site unless new zoning approval is obtained.
  • Bins must be installed upon level, paved surfaces.
  • Bins are not permitted on developed and unoccupied sites.
  • Bins are not permitted on residential sites.
  • Bins must be affixed to the paved surface.
  • All sites must have adequate driveway access.

Building Site Setbacks

  • Any residential use: 25 feet
  • Any residential zoning district boundary: 25 feet
  • Any public right-of-way: 25 feet

Other Restrictions

Maximum number of bins allowed:

  • One for building sites less than 2 acres.
  • Two for building sites between 2 and 5 acres.
  • Three for building sites larger than 5 acres.

Multiple bins in one location may be permitted if the criteria below is met.

  • Bins must be arranged side-by-side with no more than 12 inches between the bins.
  • The receiving door of the bins must be oriented toward to interior of the building site and away from
  • the public right-of-way.
  • Each bin must be enclosed with a locked receiving door to prevent vandalism.
  • Bins cannot be more than 25 square feet in area or 7 feet tall.