Submit Construction Project Plans

Are you looking to submit plans for your project?

You can submit your plans online for the City of Orlando to review after your permit application has been processed. Plans are reviewed digitally.


Step 1.Submit your permit application

(If you have already submitted your application, go to Step 2.)

Submit your permit application.

Please allow 2 business days for processing after your submission.

Step 2.Prepare your files

Plans must comply with specific size and file name conventions to be accepted. For nuances in file preparation, here's a video guide to assist you.

  • Maximum file size is 1 GB
  • Drawing files must be only one page
  • File names must match your plan sheet index or file guideline
  • A third-party verified digital signature or seal is needed for plans requiring sign and seal





Step 3.Log into ProjectDox

The applicant will receive an email from eplan Orlando ( with an invitation to upload plans after the application has been processed. First time users will receive an email with a temporary password. The upload and submit plans tutorial video can assist in navigating ProjectDox.

*Commercial Projects will receive the invitation after paying the required 25% non-refundable plan review deposit fee after the application is processed.

Log into ProjectDox

Step 4.Upload plans

After logging into ProjectDox:

  • Select Project Tasks Tab (top left)
  • Select “Applicant Upload Task”
  • Accept the task
  • Select the corresponding folder to upload applicable items

This can also be uploaded by selecting the permit number.

Step 5.Submit your uploaded Plans/Docs

IMPORTANT: You must complete the Applicant Upload Task to begin the review process.

After uploading all required documents and plans, submit your uploaded items by:

  • Select the applicable check boxes within the Applicant Upload Task window
  • Select Submission Complete

If you're stuck or unsure how to navigate, watch the upload and submit plans tutorial video.

Step 6.We will review your upload & route for review

We will review your upload within two business days to make sure it complies with the requirements noted in Step 2. The upload task will be returned if the requirements are not followed, noted in the Pre-Screen and Corrections Report found in the Project Reports tab after clicking on your permit number in ProjectDox.

If the upload complies with the requirements in Step 2 we will route the items for plan review. Plan review times vary on project type and scope of work.

Step 7.View Project Status, Plan Review due date and Comments

You can log into ProjectDox at any time. Plan review times are noted in the Permit Look Up site and the workflow routing slip report in ProjectDox.

  • Select your permit #. If you do not see your permit #, enter your permit number in the Cases field and select All Projects
  • Select Project Reports
  • Select the magnify glass beside the Changemark Report and the Department Review Status Report to view comments and review disposition
  • Select the magnify glass beside the Workflow routing slip report to view progress and due dates
  • Select the magnify glass beside the Prescreen & Corrections Report to view why a task was returned prior to routing for review

Corrections cannot be submitted until all reviews are completed and an Applicant Resubmit task is available. 

If you have any issues locating the comments, view our find status and comments video guide.

Step 8.Prepare & Upload Corrected Files (if applicable) “Applicant Resubmit”

After all reviews have been completed you will receive an email notification to log into the system to review required corrections. Follow Step 7 to locate required corrections.  If corrections are not required proceed to Step 10.

  • Revised files MUST have the same exact file name as the initial file being revised. DO NOT change the file name or file type or file folder location
  • Log into ProjectDox and select the permit number and corresponding folder to Upload Corrections
  • Correctly named revised files will upload with a red “V2” which the system automatically places
  • Revisions require narrative or response to comments document uploaded in the document folder

Step 9.Complete Resubmit Submit Task (follow Step 5)

Follow the steps noted in Step 5 to formally submit all revised items. Selecting Resubmit Complete will formally submit the revisions to our department to route for review. The review cycle continues until all reviews are approved, at which point the project will move to Step 10.

Step 10.Pay Remaining Fees

All fees must be paid in full before a permit is issued. This includes any permits associated with the project. Payments may be made online, by phone at 407.246.4444 or in person on the first floor of Orlando City Hall.

If contractor information was not submitted as part of Step 1, please email a copy of the contractor information section and digital applicant information section (1st page) and the notarized signature of the contractor at the bottom of the 4th page.

If obtaining the permit as an owner, an Owner/Builder declaration must be signed and notarized in our office. 

Step 11.Print your approved plans, permit and inspection sheet

Once fees are paid, the digital applicant will receive an email from inviting them to download all files in the Approved folder. Download all items from the Approved folder, print to scale, and post on the job site. 

The obtaining approved plans and permits video guide will show you how to access these items.

Step 12.Revisions/Document Hold Submittal Process After Permit Issuance

  • Email requesting to open the portal to submit revisions or document holds
  • The portal will be granted to the digital applicant within 2 business days of the request
  • Upload narrative/letter in the document folder with a description of what is being submitted and why this is required.


Can I remove/delete after completing a task?

No. Files cannot be deleted after the first submittal is completed. Email with the permit number and file name(s) requiring removal.

Can I add or remove additional applicants to access the permit?

Yes, the digital applicant can add/remove additional applicants when they have an available task

What is a changemark?

A changemark is a comment made on the plans. To view a changemark on the plans themselves, you must have an available task. An available task is triggered after all reviews have been completed. Comments can be viewed at any time by following step 7.

What is the average turnaround time?

Plan review turnaround time can be viewed on the Permit Look up site as well as the Workflow Routing slip report. Review times vary and are based on job scope and review type (commercial vs residential). Please allow 2 business days for our staff to complete each of their assigned tasks (application processing; pre-screen review; review routing; review complete; batch stamp)

I cannot see my permit number when I log into ProjectDox

Please ensure you are:

  • Utilizing the correct website
  • Utilizing the correct email address associated to the permit number
  • Enter the permit number under the Cases tab and select All Projects

If you still encounter issues accessing your case please call 407.246.2271 for assistance.