Complete a Business Tax Declaration

Do you have to confirm or update your business tax declaration variable information? 

All businesses must confirm or update their business tax declaration variable information with the city before July 15 each year. Please note: Business tax receipts with a description of Professional, will not be required to confirm a declaration.


Step 1.Visit the website

Go to the Digital Portal 

Step 2.Register for an online account

  • If you have already registered, please proceed to Step 3.
  • If you have multiple business tax receipts, please contact our office to allow a technician to group your licenses together. 

Register using the Business Name, entering the name exactly the same as it is shown on the letter. If you receive a pop-up informing you the email address already exists, please select Yes, if the associated email address pertains to the information found within the system.  

Step 3.Sign in

If you already have a username/password, sign in and select the My Business Tax Receipts option. 

Step 4.Update your variable information

Follow the steps in the Quick Guide, to assist with verifying the information is correct or updating the variable information.  

Step 5.Confirm or close your business tax

After verifying the variable information is correct or updated, confirm your declaration. If your business has closed, please select "Close Business." 

Once you have selected the information is accurate, reviewed, and saved, a pop-up message will indicate the declaration has been completed.