Get Reclaimed Water

Would you like reclaimed water for your home or business?

The City of Orlando is committed to developing its reclaimed water system as a response to projected water supply shortages.

Reclaimed water is:

  • Highly treated clear wastewater
  • Inspected regularly to meet Florida regulations and standards
  • Can enhance appearance of landscaping
  • Great alternative to using potable water 


Step 1.Review how to use reclaimed water

Can be used for:

  • Outdoor irrigation for landscape

Can’t be:

  • Connected to a potable water source or any other additional water source
  • Consumed by humans or animals
  • Used for internal home use
  • Used with hose bibbs
  • Used to filling pools, hot tubs, or to clean backyard play grounds

Step 2.Check your eligibility

Reclaimed water is only available in limited service areas within the City of Orlando.

Check if Your Property is in a Reclaimed Water Service Area

Step 3.Check your reclaimed water options

Not all properties within our reclaimed water zones are eligible.

 Check Your Reclaimed Water Options

Step 4.We will contact you with our recommendations

Step 5.If approved, get a plumbing permit

To use reclaimed water instead of the City's potable supply, you will need a plumbing permit to either:

  • Re-plumb an existing irrigation system.
  • Install a new irrigation system.

Get a Permit

Step 6.Work with OUC utility services to set up a reclaimed water account for your property 

OUC provides utility services for the City of Orlando and will setup a reclaimed water account for your property.

Keep in mind: The City of Orlando Engineering Standards Manual determines how your meter will be installed. OUC will only sign you up for an account and sell you the meter.

Contact OUC

Step 7.Work with your contractor to install your irrigation system and meter

Your contractor will complete installation as per city specifications.

Step 8.Schedule a post-construction inspection

Once your irrigation system and meter are installed, contact us for a final inspection.

Schedule an Inspection

Step 9.We will contact you

We will contact you within two business days to setup your final inspection.

After the inspection, we'll let you know your results and any other steps to take before using your reclaimed water.

Step 10.If you are an HOA, fulfill your responsibilities

  • Put signs outside or inside the gate with HOA emergency contact information for reclaimed water issues.
  • Reclaimed water issues or breaks inside gate or past meter HOA must be called first to remedy the issue. 

Step 11.Your water will be managed on a regular basis

While the city is responsible for maintaining up to the meter to include the meter,(unless the neighborhood is gated), OUC will be reading the residential reclaimed meters for monthly charging.

The City of Orlando will conduct a cross-connection inspection on the irrigation system for residential homes on a bi-annual basis and commercial facilities on an annual basis.

OUC will inspect all back-flow devices annually.