Request a Free Speech Event Permit

Do you want to hold a rally in the City of Orlando?

Let us help you find a good location to share your message with others and guide you through the required permitting process of your event. For events that are free and open to the public with no physical setup, the city provides an expedited process for you to get approval for your rally.


Step 1.Determine if you qualify

We offer a streamlined permit application process for rallies that meet the following requirements:

  • The event’s purpose is about public issue speech.
  • The event will not involve any food or alcohol sale or consumption.
  • No admission will be charged; nothing will be sold and no donations will be solicited.
  • You will not be marching or walking to a second location.
  • You will not be setting up any tents, tables or structures. 
  • You do not need exclusive access to the event location.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you are not eligible for this expedited process and will need to apply for an 18A Special Event Permit and rent your space for the city.

Step 2.Determine what spaces are available 

Please contact the correct city staff to determine if space is available for a Free Speech Event Permit on the date and times you would like. Their contact information is listed below.

Please note that paying events already booked in close proximity to the space you are requested may prevent your requested space from being available for an expressive free speech event using this process and a free speech permit does not give you exclusive access to the space.

This expedited process can only be used for events at:

City Commons Plaza

400 South Orange Avenue
1,000 people max capacity
Contact: City Clerk's Office - 407.246.2251

Senator Beth Johnson Park

59 South Ivanhoe Boulevard
400 people max capacity
Contact: 407.246.2284

Lake Eola Park - area near Robinson Street

1,000 people max capacity
Contact: 407.246.2378

Lake Eola Park - area near Central Boulevard and Eola Drive

1,000 people max capacity
Contact: 407.246.2378

Festival Park

2911 East Robinson Street
1,000 people max capacity
Contact: 407.246.2284

Gaston Edwards Park

1236 North Orange Avenue
1,000 people max capacity
Contact: 407.246.2284

Step 3.Begin the application process

Use our Special Events Portal to start determining what permits and city services might be required for your rally.

Tell Us About Your Rally

After you have answered all of the screening questions in the Special Events Portal, click the "Begin Permit Applications" button at the bottom of the summary page. You will then need to name your project and click "Next".

Step 4.Request your permits

Make sure you apply for the permits in the order that they are listed. For example, if your rally is planned for a park, you will need to secure that venue.

If you will be using a loudspeaker, you will need to get a Loudspeaker Permit. A Free Speech Event Permit does not automatically allow you to use a loudspeaker. A separate Loudspeaker Permit is required. 

Step 5.We'll review your application

We will review your application and contact you if we need additional information.

Step 6.Host your rally

You must keep a copy of your approved permit(s) on you at your rally.