Request a Roll-Off Dumpster

Do you need a dumpster to throw away construction materials, furniture or yard waste?
Request a dumpster from the City of Orlando for your home or business.
Keep in mind:
  • We have two sizes of dumpsters: medium (20 yard) and large (30 yard) dumpsters.
  • Hazardous materials are prohibited in roll-off dumpster containers.
  • Food waste is acceptable only in certain compactor containers.



Step 1.Check your eligibility

You can request a dumpster from the City of Orlando as long as the service location is within Orlando city limits.

Check Your Address

Step 2.Decide on the size of the dumpster

The size you need depends on what you need to throw away.

  • 20 yard — Great for yard waste, roofing shingles, furniture and light-to-moderate remodeling projects.
  • 30 yard — The larger size is perfect for major home renovations, commercial cleanups and demolition jobs.

Weight is charged by the ton, so be mindful of the type of materials you're throwing away. Most furniture, carpeting and plants will usually cost less, while concrete, bricks and dirt will often cost more.

Step 3.Request your dumpster

You can request the dumpster online for one-time delivery or arrange for regular pick ups.

Request a Roll-Off Dumpster

Hazardous waste: Remember, hazardous waste is prohibited in a roll-off dumpster. Please contact Orange County to find out how to dispose of your hazardous waste.

Step 4.We will contact you

We'll contact you by phone or email when we receive your request to confirm availability and cost.