NNO Theme Contest Judging Criteria

Please note: The deadline is August 9, 2024.

Participants of the National Night Out Theme Contest are judged by the following criteria on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest.

Use of Theme: Together, We Stand Against Crime!

  • Does the party outline fully promote the theme of Orlando's NNO?
  • Does the theme flow throughout the party outline?
  • Does the theme of the party reflect careful planning? 


  • Has the party outline demonstrated a new approach to the delivery of the message?
  • Creative slogans, party name, games that promote the theme, etc.?
  • Does the party outline and supporting documents indicate the use of creativity (i.e. colors, graphics, flyers, posters, technology, social media, etc.)?

Neighborhood Involvement

  • Does the party outline include activities for children and/or seniors?
  • Does the party outline indicate party planning and coordination involved various members of the community?
  • Does the party involve a local business or merchant?

Crime Prevention Usage and Education

  • Does the party outline include crime prevention verbiage?
  • Does the party outline seek to educate neighbors on crime prevention techniques?
  • Does the party outline indicate plans for training or distribution of brochures?


  • Is the party outline self-explanatory and easily understood?
  • Are all lettering, signs and diagrams neat and accurate?
  • Are lettering, signs and diagrams appropriately used or do they clutter or confuse?