Air Release Valve Rehabilitation

Last updated on September 14, 2023


The City's Public Works Department will oversee the rehabilitation or replacement for sanitary sewer air release valves (ARVs) in multiple locations. We expect to complete this project citywide in ten months.

There are twenty-three locations previously identified with air release valves in need of repair, rehabilitation or replacement. We anticipate each individual location will take at a minimum two weeks to complete. Please know, adverse weather and unforeseen circumstances can create delays or increase the project's duration.

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Over time, air release valves succumb to wear and tear, occasionally, the ARVs need rehabilitation or replacement. Should an ARV malfunction and enough air remains in a sanitary sewer force main, it has the potential to reduce efficiency, cause vibration, create noise, and in extreme circumstances damage pipes.

We expect the impact on constituents will be minimal. The majority of project work will occur in the public right-of-way. There are a few locations where work will occur in the roadway, this may require temporary road closures and detours. Constituents will be notified by the contractor should work in the roadway become necessary.  Project hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. There may be opportunities for extended hours, this includes weekends and nights.

Should an emergency occur first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access. Constituents may experience an increase in noise during project hours.

Cathcart Construction Company will coordinate with the City's Solid Waste Division to maintain recycling and solid waste collection. If there is a missed collection, the Solid Waste Division will make another attempt for collection.

Q: What is an (ARV) Air Release Valve?

ARVs are automatic devices that release trapped air inside a pressurized pipe, for example, a sanitary sewer force main. They are often found at the highest point of a pipeline where air travels and has the potential to become trapped. They are used to protect the City's sanitary sewer system and helps maintain efficiency.

Q: Why is rehabilitation or replacement of (ARVs) necessary?

Over time, ARVs succumb to wear and tear and occasionally need rehabilitation or replacement. Should an ARV malfunction and air remains in a sewer pipeline it has the potential to reduce efficiency, cause vibration, noise, water hammering and in extreme cases pipe damage.

Q: How many (ARVs) will be rehabilitated or replaced during this project?

There are 23 locations Citywide scheduled for rehabilitation or replacement. All work will occur in the City’s public right-of-way. A few locations may have work in the roadway to replace small sections of piping.

Q: How will I know if I live near an (ARV) and if I will notice construction during this project?

Constituents living near an ARV scheduled for rehabilitation or replacement will receive a residential brochure in the mail. Impacted neighborhoods will also receive notification and future communication about the project on the social media platform Nextdoor. You may also visit and use our interactive map.

Q: How long will this project take?

We expect the contractor to complete the project Citywide in ten months. Each individual ARV location may take anywhere from one to two weeks to complete scheduled work. Please know, unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather can create delays or increase the project’s duration.

Q: Will the contractor work on nights or weekends?

There is a possibility. To increase productivity and reduce the direct impact on residents and businesses there will be opportunities for extended project hours and occasional weekend work. Of course, unforeseen circumstances can increase the necessity for more weekend and overnight work.

Q: Will there be an interruption in solid waste, recycling or other services?

No. Solid waste, recycling and other services will continue as scheduled. Public Works will coordinate with service providers as needed to ensure access to neighborhoods. Should you experience an interruption, please contact the City’s Public Works Department immediately at 407.246.3675.

Q: Will my sanitary sewer service be interrupted during this project?

No. We do not plan or anticipate an interruption in sanitary sewer service. Residents and businesses can continue their daily routine as usual. Although unlikely, should the situation change, the City will coordinate directly with those impacted.

Q: Are road closures or detours necessary while the contractor is working?

There is a possibility. In a few select locations, small sections of piping may need replacement which will require work in the roadway. Impacted areas will receive advance notification prior to project start. We ask residents to please adhere to posted detour and traffic signs for pedestrians and vehicles. Please use caution when navigating project areas as crews and equipment will be present.

Q: What if is there an emergency during this project and I need the assistance of first responders?

Public Works will coordinate with Orlando Police Department and Orlando Fire Department prior to project start. Should an emergency occur, first responders and emergency vehicles will have priority access.

Q: Will schools be impacted during the ARV rehabilitation or replacement project?

There are no schools in close proximity to the project.

 Q: Will City parks or facilities be impacted during this project?

Yes. Project work will occur at Barnett Park. There is an ARV located outside the Orange County park area. Constituents visiting the park may notice crews and equipment working in the park. The contractor is coordinating with the Orange County Parks and Recreation Division to minimize the impact on park visitors. To expedite work at this location, continuous project hours or night work may be necessary.

Q: Who do I contact if I need immediate assistance or have additional questions about this project?

Should you have questions about the project or special needs, please contact Lauri Brooks at 407.246.3675 or email

Should you need immediate assistance, please contact Construction Manager Mike Vinson at 407.246.3173 or email