Jim Gray - District 1

Commissioner, District 1


Commissioner Gray was elected to the Orlando City Commission on June 1, 2012. He has been a resident of Orlando since 1988. In addition to the his role as Commissioner, Jim is the Orlando Managing Director for CBRE, the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world.

Each day he leverages his private sector philosophies to promote economic expansion and responsible growth. Commissioner Gray believes that quality, high-paying jobs for area residents typically translate into better schools, safer neighborhoods and increased home values. Oftentimes he is asked what is the key to achieving success in District 1 and each time he shares a simple formula “ Be a Good Neighbor.”

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Two new community parks are currently under construction for the District 1 community. 

  • Both parks are scheduled to be completed in 2019.
  • Field reservation information will be available closer to the completion date.

Heroes Community Park Amenities

  • Four lighted multi-purpose fields
  • A playground/tot lot with a small picnic shelter
  • A large picnic pavilion
  • A restroom/concession building
  • Bike racks
  • Fitness stations
  • Walking trail
  • Two parking lots
  • Adjacent to the new water adventure park

McCoy Community Park (east airfield of Orlando International Airport) Amenities

  • Lighted little league fields for all age groups (three baseball and one softball)
  • A playground/tot lot with small picnic shelter
  • Lake with decorative fountain
  • Restrooms/concession building with eating area
  • Walking path
  • Large parking lot
  • Community garden
  • Maintenance area

These items are scheduled to go before the Municipal Planning Board (MPB) on March 19, 2019. Please check back periodically for links to the individual staff reports.   The list of cases being heard by the MPB changes often, with projects being deferred, withdrawn, etc.  Prior to the meeting, you can contact Lourdes Diaz at lourdes.diaz@cityoforlando.net or 407.246.3365 to confirm if the case is scheduled for this month’s meeting.


Case Address:  
1720 Conway Gardens Rd., south of Curry Ford Rd., west of Conway Gardens Rd., north of Edland Dr., and east of Crocker Ave. (+0.34 acres).
A)  ANX2018-10019  Annex the subject property to connect to City sewer;
B)  GMP2018-10037  Growth Management Plan amendment to Residential Low Intensity (RES-LOW); and
C)  ZON2018-10033  Initial zoning of R-1, for a future lot split request.

Case Address:
       10039 S. Orange Ave., east side of S. Orange Ave., just south of Tradeport Dr. (+1.36 acres).
CUP2018-10019    Conditional Use Permit request for the construction of a Dunkin Donuts with a subsequent drive-through.

Case Address: 
     5304 Curry Ford Rd., north of Forzley St., south of Curry Ford Rd., east of Fredrica Dr., and west of Don San George Ct. (+0.22 acres).
CUP2018-10024   Request for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the expansion of a non-conforming personal service use (laundromat), to include eating and drinking as an accessory use, in the O-1 zoning district.

Case Address: 
      Southeast Orlando Sector
LDC2018-10020   Amendments to Sec. 68.106 and Sec. 68.205-68.503 to make the City’s standards for Accessory Dwelling Units apply to the Southeast Sector, with the exception of the minimum lot size. The amendment also raises maximum picket fence heights in the SE Sector to 4 feet, from 3 feet 6 inches.

Project Name: 2018 Growth Indicators Report
Case Address: Citywide
Annual report to provide 2018 growth indicators as required by GMP Future Land Use Policy 1.5.1. 

Project Name: Addison @ Gateway Apartments
Case Address: 7200 North Frontage Road, west of North Frontage Road and east of Shadowridge Drive
MPL2019-1000  Master Plan request for the development of a 323-unit multi-family apartment complex in the Orlando Gateway/Airport North neighborhood.

Project Name: Sidewalks - City Code Revisions
Case Address: Citywide
LDC2019-10001   This revision will remove the regulations for sidewalk installation from Chapter 61 and Chapter 64 of the Land Development Code to Chapter 54, Article 3. Updates to Code will include: addition of a second level of appeal for decisions regarding sidewalk construction; clarification of where and when sidewalks must be constructed, addition of ADA standards as a consideration for sidewalk construction; definition on where funds paid in lieu of sidewalk construction may be spent; and updates and clarification of the cost calculations for funds paid in lieu of construction. 

Project Name: Tree Preservation Updates to the Land Development Code
Case Address: Citywide
LDC2018-10019 Updates to the Land Development Code in regards to tree preservation efforts including: References in code to specific tree diameters, appeals process for tree removal/encroachment permits; submittal requirements in regards to tree surveys and tree preservation plans; and clarifying exceptions when alternative review conditions and requirements may be applied. 

The Southeast Town Design Review Committee (SETDRC) is an advisory board to City Council that reviews proposed development within the Southeast Orlando Sector Plan area. All SETDRC recommendations are subject to final action by City Council. An applicant desiring to appeal a recommended action of the Committee must file such appeal by 2 p.m. on April 18, 2019 for consideration at the May 21, 2019 Municipal Planning Board Meeting. The minutes of today’s meeting are tentatively scheduled to be presented at the City Council meeting on May 13, 2019, for approval of recommended actions.

    Owner: Lake Nona Land Co LLC
    Applicant: Lori Bongiorno, M+A Architects, Inc. 
    Project Planner: Colandra Jones (407.246.3145 or colandra.jones@orlando.gov)

    Request for approval of a Specific Parcel Master Plan (SPMP) amendment for Lake Nona Town Center Phase 2A to increase the development program form 1,334,471 square feet of non-residential uses inclusive of 215 hotel rooms to 1,575,137 square feet of non-residential uses inclusive of 238 hotel rooms. The subject property is located in the Lake Nona PD and is designated as Village Center on the Southeast Orlando Sector Plan map. The subject property is located south of the Central Florida Greeneway (SR 417), northwest of Lake Nona Boulevard, and east of Boggy Creek Road (±58.7 acres, District 1).

    Recommended Action: Approval subject to the conditions in the staff report.