Schedule a Virtual Inspection

Do you want a city inspector to perform a remote inspection of your project?

You can schedule a virtual inspection for certain single-family and duplex projects:

  • Re-roofing
  • Door and window replacements
  • Water heater replacements
  • HVAC unit replacements 

Go to our Schedule an Inspection webpage to make appointments for other inspection types.


Step 1.Gather your materials

Before you schedule a virtual inspection, make sure you have:

  • An approved set of plans (and revisions).
  • A valid permit and permit card.
  • A copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement.
  • Any engineering documents for the project.
  • A mobile phone, tablet or other device with a webcam.
  • Microsoft Teams Software or App installed on the device. You can get this at the Apple or Google Play App Store on the device. 
  • Internet access.

Step 2.Schedule your virtual inspection

Complete the request form and we will contact you to confirm your appointment time.

Schedule a Virtual Inspection

Step 3.Participate in the virtual inspection

  • At your scheduled inspection time, click the link we sent you to join the meeting. Make sure to activate your webcam beforehand.
  • The city inspector will provide instructions on what to view and how to move the device around.

Step 4.View inspection status

Once your inspection is complete, you can view your inspection status and comments using our Permit Lookup tool.

View Inspection Status

Step 5.Schedule any re-inspections necessary

If you did not pass your inspection, you will need to resolve the issues the inspector shared and schedule another inspection. Before scheduling your re-inspection, you will need to pay a re-inspection fee. You can pay that fee using our Permit Lookup tool.

Pay and Schedule Re-inspection

Step 6.Reschedule or cancel an inspection

You will need fill out this form to reschedule or cancel an inspection. You will need to contact your inspector and pay a $50 fee for same-day cancellations.

Fill out the Form