Submit a Concurrency Management Form

Are you changing the use of your space or doing new construction?

To ensure the availability of public facilities and services, a concurrency management application is required.


Step 1.Prepare your documents

You will need to provide:

  • A site plan and map showing the location of the project.
  • Power-of-attorney documentation (if the primary applicant is not the property owner).

Step 2.Submit an application

Please allow two business days for processing.

Fill out the Form

Step 3.Make a payment

Concurrency applications for encumbrance are $250. Concurrency applications for verification are $50.

You will receive an email with payment instructions.

You can view fees that are due and pay them using our Permit Lookup tool.

Pay Fees

Step 4.We will review your documents

We will review your documents within 20 business days after we receive payment. You will receive an email from city staff with the status of your request. 

Step 5.Get your verification or encumbrance letter

Upon approval, you will receive the applicable letter via email. The encumbrance letter restricts capacity for 90 days. Within the 90-day period, the building permit must be issued, or a capacity reservation certificate obtained.

If you need an extension, you can email